About Us

Liberty Real Estate Management offers the best vacation rental home management in the area. Liberty Real Estate Management offers the appropriate house for you, whether you're traveling for a little ski vacation, a big family reunion, or to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with a group of friends. Whether you are just looking for a cohost or interested in full property management, we have you covered. 

At Liberty Real Estate Management, we strive to provide the best service to property owners. We will sit with you and make a plan with your expectations to help create an excellent experience for the guest. From data analysis and market research to ad creation, we have it covered. We have contacts with the majority of the contractors in the area so from repairs to general maintenance and renovations we can make sure your property is looking its best.  

Liberty Real Estate Management was founded in 2022 by Brandon, a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He grew up in the Jim Thorpe Area helping his father's painting company until he was old enough to drive and get his own job. Also, he worked for the local ski resorts as well as a local demolition company until he graduated and left for the USMC in 2016. He deployed a few times over the years until he left the military in 2020. Since then he returned to his prior demolition job.